Need an ambulance? Dial 999

Need to find your nearest Urgent Care Centre (if you’re hurt but can get to a clinic by yourself)

Need to find a GP (doctor) or an NHS dentist?


Drug problems? Contact the helpline at Talk to Frank

NHS Addiction Services


Sexual Health Services

Brook Sexual health services specifically for under 25s

Feeling bad? (Mental Health)

If you feel you need help with something that happened to you, maybe you were hurt in some way while you were in care or before, or you feel sad, frightened, angry or just feel bad, these telephone numbers will enable you to speak to someone who wants to help:


Helplines including the Samaritans and the young suicide prevention society (PAPYRUS)

turn2me an organisation that can help you sort out your feelings

If you have experienced sexual abuse or violence, contact One in Four


A YouTube film by a man who was brought up in care (and thinks all children and young people in care are STARS!)